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Golden Star

I believe that heaven fated us to purchase our car from Blitz Motoring. From the onset that my wife and myself met up with Peter and Cindy, I have nothing else to say but sing praises about our experience in purchasing our car with the company.
I have purchased many vehicles from car companies in the past and the experience and journey was only satisfactory given the business minded approach the other companies had in closing the deal with us.
With Peter and Cindy, not only did they meet up to our requirements but they went over and above to give us a deal which not only saved us some finances but threw in many other services which no obliged to.
I can only give this comment that Blitz Motoring is a company that is honest and provides 1 of the best services I have ever experienced.
Thank you so much Peter and Cindy. Your business approach is something that many should follow as not only does it give a positive experience but also 1 that many will come back to do business with. I am definately recommending this company to anyone for an honest, genuine experience in getting a vehicle no matter what the challenges are. Thank you Blitz Motoring!

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